Our Firm

Our founder, Richard Dilworth, knew the steps and planning that it took to build a secure future. Starting out as a candy distributor, in our small town of Connellsville; Richard decided to share his visions for success with fellow community members. Richard, then founded, what many of our veteran clients may remember as “Dilworth Enterprises”, working as a hometown financial advisor for 30+ years. Throughout those many years in business, Richard assisted local families achieve the epitome of “The American Dream”; wealth development, investments, life insurance needs, and a secure retirement plan.In 1982, a young but knowledgeable John M. Dilworth graduated from The University of Pitt and followed in his father's footsteps. Not only did John take the path that his father had priorly laid, but widened that path for his clients; bringing new and progressive investment plans to the forefront of what our clients now know, as John M. Dilworth Financial Services. It is our guarantee in our daily business activities, to always keep our clients’ goals and their financial plans’ as our main objective.